Volunteer In Malawi

Malawi Highlights

From $1580

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The warm heart of Africa

Incredible landscapes

Crystal clear waters and wildlife of Lake Malawi

Rich culture and historical heritage

Volunteering in Malawi is a great way to immerse yourself into its charm and incredible landscapes. The legendary Malawian friendliness will make you feel right at home from day one and the viivd geographical diversity will leave you breathless.

This landlocked country boasts Lake Malawi (also known as the Lake Of Stars) that has crystal clear waters (swarming with colourful fish), charming beachside locations and a wide array of flora and fauna.

Malawi Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Volunteer at the world renowned Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, where you will play a vital role helping with the rehabilitation of some of the 200 animals that currently call the centre home. This award winning centre aims to release as many animals back into the wild as possible and currently looks after monkeys, lions, antelope and more.
2-12 Weeks
Every Tuesday