Volunteer With Monkeys

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary

Get up close and personal to incredible animals, such as cheetahs, leopards, lions, baboons and so much more! The Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on a 3,200-hectare reserve near Windhoek and offers a safe refuge for an ever-growing abundance of orphaned, injured and abandoned animals.
2-12 Weeks
Every Monday

South Africa Primate Sanctuary & Monkey Rescue

Come and join us at this amazing monkey rescue and sanctuary that will provide you with a unique experience to interact with the primates and to assist with the daily care of the animals. You will gain a fascinating wildlife experience while you learn all about the primates and the care they need.
1-12 Weeks
1st & 3rd Sunday

Malawi Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

Volunteer at the world renowned Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, where you will play a vital role helping with the rehabilitation of some of the 200 animals that currently call the centre home. This award winning centre aims to release as many animals back into the wild as possible and currently looks after monkeys, lions, antelope and more.
2-12 Weeks
Every Tuesday