Whether you are travelling for 1 week or 6 months, travel insurance is an essential and compulsory part of your adventure. So, if you are releasing baby turtles in Sri Lanka or teaching in South Africa, having adequate insurance in place will help you to enjoy your travels, safe in the knowledge that you have protection if needed.

We have teamed up with Endsleigh to create an affordable and comprehensive travel insurance policy that is suitable for all of the programmes we offer. There are two types of cover we offer depending on your needs (Essential and Comprehensive), with the only difference between the two being that you are covered for greater amounts with the Comprehensive option.

We recommend that you organise your travel insurance as soon as you pay your registration fee. This will ensure that your pre-departure cancellation starts from the day you are accepted and will cover you should you have to cancel your trip for an insured reason (such as illness).

You should ensure that your travel insurance covers you for the total duration of your trip i.e. from when you depart your home country to the day you return. Please note, our policies have a minimum age of 16 and are available to anyone up to the age of 65 – some cover is limited depending on age.

As with all-important documents, please ensure you read thoroughly through the policy wording and fully understand all concepts. For a full list of everything our insurance covers click here. The full policy wording / terms and condition can be found here. You must make sure you disclose any conditions relating to health, as failure to do so, may result in your insurance being void.

We've Got You Covered

What's Included

Essential Cover

Cancelling Your Trip - $2,500

Emergency Medical Expenses - $6,850,000

Hospitalisation Benefit - $20 every 24 hours

Personal Accident - $20,000

Lost Baggage - $2,700

Personal Money - $275

Personal Liability - $1,350,000

Overseas Legal Expenses - $13,500


Industry leading excess of only $70. Don’t get caught out by high excess if you need to use your insurance!


24/7 emergency support, no matter where you are.


Specifically tailored for volunteering and covers all of your travel needs and any onward journeys.


We are proud to partner with Endsleigh Insurance to provide all of our travel insurance cover.


You should ensure your policy runs from the day you leave home right through to the day you return.


Your insurance should be booked as soon as possible to ensure that your covered, especially for cancellation.

Travel Insurance Costs

All costs are based on the length of travel and cover you for all of your normal volunteering activities. Our travel insurance is available from 1 to 52 weeks and we have listed our most popular durations below.

1 - 8 days $37 $40
9 - 16 days $55 $60
17 - 22 days $66 $72
23 - 31 days $77 $83
32 - 42 days $98 $107
43 - 56 days $120 $130
57 - 70 days $135 $149
71 - 92 days $165 $209
93 - 123 days $201 $222
124 - 153 days $237 $260
154 - 184 days $271 $299

How To Book

You can organise your travel insurance through Endsleigh by simply clicking here.

To ensure you get the full cover and best rates possible, we recommend to only take out the insurance by clicking the above link.

When on Endsleigh’s website, you simply choose your destination, start and end dates and put volunteering as your purpose of trip. You then need to put details about the number of travellers and their age and click “How Much?”.

Simply then select which level of cover you wish and continue by entering all of your details.